Lose weight for good with BoostMyLife

Our unique approach is shown by the BoostMyLife Pyramid. This shows you the most effective way to lose weight as well as improve your life.

BoostMyLife Pyramid showing how to lose weight and gain life

The secret to successful weight loss

In the BoostMyLife Pyramid you will see that “Mindset” is at the base. This includes your mental approach and is the foundation that you MUST have to be successful at losing weight.

Most people who want to lose weight start with “Exercise” or “Diet”, but they haven’t got a solid mindset foundation to build on. That’s why exercise and diets don’t work for most people!

If you have ever struggled with your weight, or have lost weight but gained it back, then now you know why. You are missing the most important part… Your “Mindset”.

It’s much quicker and easier to lose weight when you have the right mindset and mental approach. Without this, you will have a constant, never ending battle with your weight.

Many people spend years and decades of their life going around in circles and ending up at the same weight, or even heavier. This is demoralising and wastes precious years in your life.

YOU can do much better than this and BoostMyLife shows you how!

1. Mindset

2. Exercise & Diet

3. Health

4. Best You

This is how the BoostMyLife Pyramid works

  1. You get the right mindset and mental approach in place so that you have a solid foundation to build on. This is absolutely essential!

  2. Having the right “Mindset” means that you can then be successful with your exercise and diet

  3. The more you progress with your “Exercise” and “Diet” the better health you get, which includes having better physical and mental health

  4. When your “Health” keeps improving, you feel fantastic and you become the “Best You”

  5. As you progress through the BoostMyLife Pyramid you will “Lose weight” and “Gain life”, which means you gain a happier and higher quality life
BoostMyLife Pyramid showing how to lose weight and gain life

The real aim when losing weight

During the process of losing weight with BoostMyLife, the aim is not to lose weight just to see a short term, lower number on the scales. Instead, you lose weight for the long term AND experience great benefits that improve all areas of your life.

If you build a solid pyramid then you will lose weight and gain life and everything stays in place – You get fantastic results and you keep them!

If you don’t then your weight will go up, or will fluctuate up and down, as your pyramid keeps collapsing. In this case, you will struggle with your weight for the rest of your life.

Find out how to get on the right path and lose weight for good…
Woman looking in the mirror after losing weight and feeling happy with herself appearance