Woman holding dumbbells and smiling showing what you are missing by only looking at your diet to lose weight

What are you missing by only looking at your diet to lose weight?

Often when people want to lose weight, the first area they look at it their diet. This could involve “Going on a diet”, or they may look at ways to improve their existing diet.

Either way, it’s common for people to only look at their diet and neglect looking at exercise.

What! You don’t like exercise I hear you say. Or you can’t keep motivated to exercise I hear you say. Or you don’t have time to exercise I hear you say. Hogwash!

You CAN learn to enjoy exercise. You CAN learn ways to keep motivated to exercise. You CAN find time to exercise just like anyone else does.

The real reason many people don’t want to exercise is because they want to do the minimum amount possible to reach the weight that they want. After all, why lose weight with both diet and exercise, if you can just lose weight with diet and forget about exercise? This is totally understandable.

The truth is however, if you are wanting to lose weight and you don’t exercise, you are missing a big part of the weight loss equation!

How exercise helps you lose weight

The most obvious way that exercise helps you lose weight is because of the extra calories you can burn. The more calories that you burn, the easier you will find it to lose weight (as long as you also have the right balance with your diet at the same time).

This is why it’s really helpful to become as fit as you can. By exercising and getting fitter and fitter, you get to burn more and more calories, and lose weight easier.

A less obvious way that exercise helps you lose weight AND keep it off is that exercise helps you maintain muscle.

If you only look at your diet and you lose weight, you will lose weight from muscle and fat. On the other hand, if you look at your diet and also include exercise, then your body will repair and maintain more of its muscle while losing more weight from fat.

The two major benefits of keeping your muscle are these:

  1. You will find it easier to keep your weight off after you’ve lost it – Muscle burns more calories than fat. So if you have two people weighing 200 pounds, where one person has little muscle and the other person has lean and healthy muscle, the second person will find it much easier to keep their weight off. They will burn more calories every single day, even while they sleep, and without even trying

  1. You will also get a better looking body – Again, you could have two people weighing 200 pounds. The person with the most muscle and least amount of fat will have the best looking and most attractive body shape by far

This is why it makes perfect sense to lose weight while also at the same time working towards getting a fantastic looking body by maintaining your muscle. This is compared to losing weight from both muscle and fat, and possibly still ending up with a body shape that you’re not happy with.

Also, why not lose weight and give yourself the best chance of keeping it off? Maintaining your muscle by using exercise helps you do this.

Other important benefits you get with exercise

The benefits of exercise are endless. I could talk to you all day about them because I know the amazing effect that exercise has had on my life over the past 25 years. I’ve also seen how it’s helped other people in great ways, both physically and mentally.

Some of these benefits are:

  • Having tons more energy – All day and every day
  • Being able to spend better quality time with your family and friends
  • Feeling better mentally
  • Gaining more confidence
  • Feeling less stressed
  • And having better quality sleep

When considering all the weight loss benefits and other fantastic benefits of exercise, it’s now over to YOU…

Why don’t you exercise?

Over the years I’ve heard every excuse in the book about why people don’t exercise. They don’t like it, they can’t keep motivated, they haven’t got time, they haven’t got anyone to exercise with, etc.

At the same time, there are people in the exact or similar situation who exercise regularly, love it, keep motivated, make time, and exercise on their own or find someone to exercise with.

Your weight, your body, your health and fitness, your mental state, and ultimately your quality of life is largely determined by the exercise you do or don’t do.

So I encourage you to make exercise part of your weight loss plan and your life plan!

The good news is…

You can learn to LOVE exercise, use exercise to help you lose weight, and get many other fantastic physical and mental benefits.

Only looking at your diet means you are missing out big time. So let’s exercise!

To learn how to exercise properly, and use exercise to lose weight in a safe and effective way, join the BoostMyLife Online Program. You will discover how to use exercise and healthy diet together so that you get the best weight loss results!

James Porter
BoostMyLife Founder

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