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The big mistake of only looking at exercise when losing weight

Let’s consider why many people only look at exercise when they want to lose weight, and neglect looking at their diet.

The majority of people, whether they want to lose weight or not, do NOT want to change their diet. They enjoy their unhealthy diet by having lots of unhealthy foods like pizza, burgers, cookies, or ice cream, and they don’t want to feel like they are sacrificing these.

So you may refuse to change your diet, or make many improvements, and you focus on losing weight with exercise instead. Exercise is fantastic, but having a healthy diet is also fantastic!

Looking at developing your exercise and developing your diet at the same time, by far gives you the best chance of losing weight, as well as generally giving you a much better quality life and helping you feel happier.

Also, here’s a little secret that a lot of people who have an unhealthy diet don’t know about, and this will give you even more encouragement…

You can just as easily enjoy and stick to a healthy diet and get all the great benefits (when you have the right system in place)…

As you can enjoy an unhealthy diet while suffering from all the drawbacks.

How a healthy diet helps you lose weight

Your diet is the opposite side of the weight loss equation to your exercise. Exercise helps you burn more calories, whereas improving your diet helps you consume fewer calories.

At this point, it’s critical to remember the devastating mistake of following a low calorie diet. Constantly cutting down your calories as far as you can, not only makes it harder to lose weight but is also very unhealthy.

So yes, to lose weight it’s highly likely that you’ll need to reduce your calorie intake. BUT you also need the right balance between your exercise and your diet to lose weight, and lose weight consistently.

It’s also very useful to consider that you may not be able to burn many calories at the start if you are new to exercise or are a beginner. This means that improving your diet may help you get better results at the start, whereas exercise will have a bigger effect further down the line.

You may burn 2200 calories per day at the start due to your exercise and need to put plenty of focus on your diet to lose weight. If you can then become much fitter, you may burn 2600 calories per day due to your exercise and not need to do as much with your diet, yet still find it easier to lose weight!

So developing a healthy diet from the start can be a big help with losing weight. I can also assure you that at the start, it’s much easier to cut out a few cookies with your diet than it is to run for 1 mile.

Other important benefits you get with a healthy diet

What food you put inside your body determines what you get out. Put garbage in and get garbage out!

The garbage that you end up with by having an unhealthy diet is you suffering physically and mentally in all areas of your life, and living well below your best.

So instead, let’s look at putting quality in and getting quality out. Some of the fantastic benefits of having a healthy diet are these:

  • Providing your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs to stay healthy
  • Better looking skin, hair, and nails
  • Having tons more energy – All day and every day
  • Giving you more energy for your exercise – You exercise better, burn more calories, and improve quicker, which all make it easier to lose weight
  • Feeling better and sharper mentally – Your brain needs healthy foods, just like the rest of your body

When considering all the weight loss benefits and other fantastic benefits of a healthy diet, it’s now over to YOU…

Will you improve your diet?

The chances are high that if you have an unhealthy diet, it’s affecting you much more than you realise and it’s having a big, negative impact on your life.

At the end of the day, you have a choice. You can enjoy lots of unhealthy foods, but struggle with your weight problem and suffer other physical and mental problems forever.

OR you can improve your diet, get in control of your weight by losing weight, and feel better and happier every single day of your life.

Improving your diet doesn’t mean that you have to live like a nun or monk, isolated in the Himalayas. You can enjoy having a healthy diet, while also reaping all the rewards.

The good news is…

You can learn to LOVE a healthy diet, use it help you lose weight, and experience many other great benefits, while also enjoying your treats.

Only looking at your exercise means you keep suffering the negative effects from your diet. So let’s develop a healthy diet!

For help to develop a healthy diet without ever needing to “Go on a diet”, and get the best out of your exercise, join the BoostMyLife Online Program. You will learn how to use diet and exercise together so that you lose weight effectively and safely.

James Porter
BoostMyLife Founder

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