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Lose weight to live your best life

There’s no doubt that you can lose weight to live your best life, even if you are currently struggling with your weight.

By losing weight you can experience life enhancing benefits like feeling better physically and having much more energy, feeling better mentally, loving your body, and improving your health.

These all help you to feel at your best, enjoy every day more, and ultimately live your best life.

Getting started to live your best life

The sad part of someone being overweight is that they are nowhere near to where they could be, both physically and mentally. While they can still enjoy their life and have a good life, they could also be more and do more.

If you think about a scale that goes from 0 to 100, where 0 is where you feel absolutely terrible, and 100 is where you feel great and are fulfilling your full potential – Where are you?

Many people who are overweight would give a score close to 50. They know they are nowhere near where they could be.

So let’s say that you are living at 50% of your full potential due to your weight. Who does that help? It doesn’t help you and it doesn’t help anyone else in your life. Your weight most likely negatively affects you and everyone in your life that you love.

Having gained this knowledge, we can use it to feel down. OR we can use it to feel motivated and determined and inspired to do better, to fulfil more of our potential. The extra bonus of doing the latter is that it helps you feel happier, because we all like to feel we are improving and working towards something in our lives, rather than feeling like we are struggling.

This is an excellent opportunity for YOU. From today you can lose weight, feel better physically and mentally, and feel happier about yourself.

Today you have a choice. You can keep struggling with your weight and accept a lower quality life. OR you can choose the higher path to a better, happier, and more fulfilled life for you and those you love!

Where are you now in your life?

Having made the positive choice to lose weight to live your best life, it’s very helpful to look at where you are now.

Most likely you gained weight over months or years. Your weight either crept up on you without realising the full effect, or you had stress in your life which ended up being a setback for your weight.

These situations are extremely common and it’s often not easy to notice the weight accumulating or the negative impact it’s having on you.

Now though it’s different! You can assess your full situation, see where you are, and make a plan to move forwards positively.

What weight are you now? How much weight would you like to lose, that’s both healthy and realistic? In what ways will you losing this amount of weight improve your life? Answering these questions will immediately move you onto the right path.

I have full belief in you that it’s possible for you to turn your weight around. But will you!

Hopefully you are now eager to go for your best life, because why not? You can just as easily live closer to 100% of your full potential than 50%, and feel much better for it. You’ve also evaluated where you are now and everything you have to gain by losing weight.

All you need to know now is how to get there!

How to lose weight to live your best life

To be able to lose weight to live your best life, you need to do certain things and put things in place that will naturally lead to better health and better fitness. Then as you progress, this also leads to losing weight and reaching a healthy weight.

Really there are only 3 areas you need to get right to help you lose weight and get the best weight loss results:

  1. Exercise – This area is where you get into doing regular exercise and are consistent each week. Then the aim is to get the best out of your exercise and improve as much as you can.

    The better you can do with your exercise, the more you increase the number of calories that you burn, and the easier you’ll find it to lose weight

  1. Diet – This area is where you learn how to develop a healthy diet and are consistent each week. You don’t need to go on a diet or do any unusual things. You just need a healthy diet, which includes healthy foods plus some treats

    The healthier diet you can develop, the more you reduce the number of calories you consume, and the easier you’ll find it to lose weight

  1. Mindset – This area is where you aim to happily and willingly keep in the mental frame of mind to exercise consistently, have a healthy diet consistently, and get the best out of both. This area is what most people forget and which holds most people back.

    Mindset is the MOST important area because without getting this right, you won’t do what’s needed in the first two areas with your exercise and diet

If you can get all these 3 areas right, this is how you get the best weight loss results. This is how to lose weight to live your best life.

Maybe this sounds quite simple to you, BUT it’s definitely not easy. How long have you been struggling with your weight? How many people do you know that have lost weight and kept it off, for let’s say 5 years? You are lucky if you know anyone.

Having said this, it is possible for YOU to do it. Focus on the 3 areas of Exercise, Diet, and Mindset, and keep moving towards your full potential each week. Over time it’s amazing how much progress you can make 😊

In the BoostMyLife Online Program we go into detail for each of these 3 important areas so that you are moving forwards positively each week. You are also shown how to enjoy the whole process, rather than it feeling like a struggle. I recommend you get started today!

James Porter
BoostMyLife Founder

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