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Keep in control of your life with exercise

Exercise is well known for the positive effects it has on your body. For example, you can become fitter and stronger, have more energy, and have better health.

However, a much less appreciated and less known positive that you can gain from exercise is how you can keep in control of your life with exercise.

Here are 3 life enhancing ways that exercise helps you keep in control of your life. This will give you even more motivation to exercise and make it an important part of your life:

1. Keep in control of your weight

Exercise can help you lose weight or maintain your weight, both of which are very important. It does this in two ways.

  • The first, and most obvious way, is that you can burn lots of calories with exercise. This is why it’s important to develop your exercise as much as you can and become as fit as you can. You can then burn more and more calories and you find it easier to lose weight or maintain your weight

  • The second way that exercise helps you control your weight, and the one that most people miss, is that exercise helps you keep more muscle. The vital thing to remember here is that muscle burns plenty of calories

Therefore, by exercising and maintaining your muscle, it means your body will burn more calories all day long, even while you are resting or sleeping. This muscle will help you lose weight, or keep in control of your weight and keep your weight stable

For many people, their weight would go out of control if they don’t exercise. I know lots of people who exercise mainly to be able to keep in control of their weight. They may still have some weight issues and want to lose weight, but they ask themselves these questions: “What would my weight be like if I didn’t exercise? How would I look and feel then?”

So whether you want to lose weight, or at the minimum you want to maintain your weight, exercise is a massive help. You burn more calories during the exercise, plus you keep muscle which also burns more calories all day.

It’s also motivating and helpful to remember that by exercising you can still be very fit and healthy, even if you are overweight. You can still be much fitter and healthier than the average person.

So let’s keep in control of your weight with exercise, while at the same time keeping as fit and healthy as possible!

2. Keep in control of your diet

Exercise can also help you keep in control of your diet. But how does it do this?

In theory, exercise is completely unrelated to your diet. Exercise is the physical activity that you do, whereas diet is the foods that you eat. In practice though, exercise and diet are more closely related than what you might think. Here’s why…

If someone is spending plenty of time and energy with exercise, they will appreciate all the effort they are putting in. They may exercise several hours a week in total and commit to this time, when really if they wanted to, they could be doing something else. So they now don’t want to waste all their efforts by eating unhealthily and also lose the fantastic benefits that exercise gives them.

What about YOU? If you put plenty of time and energy into exercise and were enjoying the benefits, would you then want to waste all that by eating unhealthily? Definitely not!

This is why exercise helps you have a different and better mindset that encourages you to eat healthier. The extra bonus of your healthier diet is that it also helps you do better with your exercise.

This positive circle helps you get the best health and fitness, as well as lose weight or maintain your weight easier!

Exercise also puts your mind onto something positive and away from thinking about food. You might find, like many people do, that by exercising you eat fewer unhealthy foods out of boredom. Your mind and time are occupied by your positive exercise and because of this, you again get better health and more control of your weight.

So keep in control of your diet by using your time wisely and exercising, as well as using exercise to keep your mind on track with the foods that you eat.

3. Keep in control of your life and feel better

Everyone has problems in their life at one time or another. This could be family or relationship problems, a death to cope with, work issues, or money struggles.

The one thing that can help you keep in control of your life and help you feel better is EXERCISE.

Exercise gives you time away from the problems, struggles, and negativity of life. You can put your mind onto something positive and give yourself a break.

Mentally, exercise can significantly reduce your stress. It can clear your mind, help you feel more relaxed, and it helps you sleep better. This helps every single area of your life.

Physically with exercise, you get a boost of feel good hormones which are generated by your body. You can also push your body and feel the satisfaction and sense of achievement from doing something extremely good for yourself.

In my own life there were times when I felt like the whole world was collapsing around me, yet the one thing that really helped me was exercise. No matter what happened with anything else, or what negatives were in my life, I could always complete an exercise session and feel a sense of release and feel better about my life.

By exercising you have control over a very important area of your life. You are looking after yourself and you feel MUCH better for it!

Will you exercise and keep in control in your life?

You now know more about one of the fantastic benefits of exercise that most people will never know, which is how it helps you keep control in your life. This includes having more control over your weight, your diet, and your life in general by helping you feel better.

Having this awareness and remembering just how much exercise can help you, will encourage you to exercise even more. You will also be more motivated to keep it up with your exercise 😊

If you would like to get the best out of your exercise and enjoy all the positive benefits, while also using exercise to help you lose weight, you will find the BoostMyLife Online Program a great help.

James Porter
BoostMyLife Founder

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