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Increasing your energy levels by losing weight

Did you know that your weight has an amazing effect on your energy levels?

It’s like a sliding scale – The more excess weight you gain, the lower your energy levels. Then if you lose weight the more your energy levels increase.

You can use this as motivation to lose weight, when you fully appreciate how losing weight will increase your energy levels and have such a positive effect on your life.

How your weight gradually drags you down

Your weight is affecting your energy levels much more than you realise. Most weight gain is gradual, which means that it’s very difficult to appreciate the full impact.

Your body gets used to the feeling of carrying a few extra pounds, then you gain more pounds and it gets used to it again. As time goes on, you can keep gaining weight and may believe that you don’t feel too much different to before. The trouble is you do. You feel much worse!

It’s only the gradual gaining of weight over a period of time that shields you from seeing the truth that…

Your weight badly affects your energy levels and therefore also badly affects your life

Here are two scenarios to think about:

  1. What if someone suddenly stuck 20 pounds of fat on your back and said you had to carry it around with you all day? How much would that affect your energy levels? How much more tired would you feel by the end of the day? You would feel exhausted.

    Isn’t that what you are doing though. You are carrying around useless, excess weight and fat that is destroying your energy levels.

  1. Or, let’s say that you were given a dog to carry around with you all day. Wouldn’t you be totally exhausted after doing this? Again, this is exactly what you are doing by carrying around excess weight and fat.

If you are in the situation of being overweight, then your weight is ruining your energy levels. It’s dragging you down!

You only need to look at someone who is carrying excess weight, compared to someone who is a healthy weight and is fit and healthy. Their body posture and speed of movement are totally different…

One person moves slowly and looks tired and like they are struggling, whereas the other person strides along with purpose and energy.

What happens when you lose weight and increase your energy?

It can be hard to fully appreciate what a positive effect losing weight will have on your energy levels because you haven’t experienced it yet. You don’t know until you’ve felt how much it can improve your life.

To help you understand, let’s say that we removed the excess weight and fat from your body, or we removed the “dog” that you are carrying around each day.

It would be so much easier to do every single thing in your life – Walking, your daily activities, and exercise, would all become MUCH easier.

You will also have more energy to do everything in your life. So you can enjoy the full day, rather than being exhausted and wasting the last quarter of the day, or collapsing in a heap near the end of the day.

You can feel good all day, get more done, enjoy your leisure time more, and have more fun with your family and friends.

You will feel less stressed because you’re not as tired, whereas currently you may feel tired most of the time. You will feel more alive and well.

Overall, you can do what you want in your life, NOT just what your weight will allow.

Use all this as motivation to lose weight because you have great rewards awaiting you. By losing weight and getting rid of this useless excess weight, YOU can be more and do more.

To lose your weight, you will need to develop your exercise and a healthy diet, and to do that you will also need to develop your mindset and mental approach. Get started with the BoostMyLife Online Program to get on the right path and make a great difference to your life.

James Porter
BoostMyLife Founder

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