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How to start again to lose weight

It’s extremely rare for someone to lose weight the first time and then be able to keep their weight off. Normally it takes many times to be successful with losing weight, and you will have to start again to lose weight multiple times.

On one hand this can be a relief because you realise that you are no different to anyone else in terms of having to lose weight again and you are certainly not a failure. On the other hand, it can be a bit disheartening to think that you have an ongoing problem with your weight that’s not easy to solve.

However, we are going to look on the positive side and focus on what you CAN do to move forwards positively with your weight.

Here are 3 areas for you to consider that will help you start again to lose weight. They will really help you get on the right path and have a better chance of keeping there:

1. Do NOT give up

If you really want to lose weight and it means a lot to you, then it’s best to try, try, and try again, until you get weight loss results that are acceptable to you.

Ideally, the aim is to get all the weight loss results you would ever want, but if you don’t quite get there, then let’s at least aim to get as far as you can and feeling satisfied.

It’s true that it can be difficult to start again if what you’ve tried in the past hasn’t worked, BUT what alternative do you have?

You can start again to lose weight. Or you can accept a weight and body that you’re not happy with for the rest of your life!

One of the big benefits of starting again is that you learn more and more each time. You learn more about what works and what doesn’t work. This means that each time you start again, it’s likely you can improve on last time.

It’s also very helpful to remember that you can only do your best. What more can you do apart from giving it your best effort?

By doing your best you can be satisfied with what you achieve with your weight because you couldn’t have done any more. This will give you peace of mind, whether you reach your ideal weight or not.

So let’s give it your best and keep giving it your best, rather than quitting. You only fail if you give up!

Let’s keep going while remembering that each new attempt will take you a step forwards, maybe several steps forwards.

2. Develop your mindset

The most critical part of losing weight and being able to keep it off is NOT exercise or diet, it’s your MINDSET!

If you have tried lots of different types of exercise but don’t stick to any, you may lose weight but then you will gain it back. If you have tried lots of diets or eating routines but don’t stick to any, again you may lose weight but then you will gain it back.

The main factor that determines whether you stick to your exercise and diet is your “Mindset”.

How do you set up exercise and diet routines that you find easy to stick to? How do you set up exercise and diet routines that you enjoy? Are you willing to learn the knowledge and skills that you need to be successful with losing weight? How can you keep motivated and on track?

These are all key questions that people who are overweight struggle to answer. They can ALL be solved by developing the right mindset.

While some people struggle with their weight all their life, other people find it easy to keep at a healthy weight. This difference is not luck. It’s the way that people think, it’s their mindset.

If you think like someone who is fit and healthy and of a healthy weight, then guess what? You will move towards exactly those things. You will start to take the right actions and get better weight loss results.

When you start again to lose weight, remember that mindset is the single, most important area to focus on!

3. What will you do differently?

One of the strangest things about us humans is that we try something that doesn’t work, and then we try the same thing again and somehow hope to get different results. Who hasn’t done this?

A big step forwards with your weight can be achieved when you realise that you have to change to get better results. You have to change if you want to lose weight and be able to keep it off. Otherwise, you may lose weight but you will always gain it back.

So, you need to do things differently, and approach losing weight differently.

This doesn’t mean trying another quick fix diet because the first 10 diets didn’t work. It also doesn’t mean moving onto the umpteenth type of exercise in the hope that it will bring results when all the others didn’t.

Doing things differently means taking a step back. What is going wrong in your approach? What repeat mistakes do you keep making? What makes logical sense going forwards, rather than panicking or looking for the quickest solution which never works?

Remember, it’s 100% sure that you need to do something differently in your approach to losing weight, because what you have been trying over the months or years hasn’t worked. This can be tough to accept, but this is also reality!

Let’s stick with reality and move forwards by approaching your weight differently. Let’s start again to lose weight with a different plan and a better plan.

When will you start again to lose weight?

I have much hope for you on your weight loss journey because I know that it’s possible for you to make great progress in these 3 areas:

  1. NOT giving up
  2. Developing your mindset
  3. Doing things differently

The only question now is when will you start again to lose weight? Your options could be to start today, next Monday, next month, after your birthday/holiday/Christmas, at the start of the New Year, or after you’ve sorted out your job/house/problems.

When do you think is the best time to start again to lose weight? Another way of looking at this is: How long do you want to be struggling with and unhappy with your weight?

Every day that you put off starting again is another day of your life that you are unhappy with your weight. These days are adding up, adding up, and adding up!

This is why the very best time to start again to lose weight is TODAY. You can start today if you really want to. So, the question is: How much do you really want to lose weight?

Having helped thousands of people lose weight, including people who have struggled for many years with their weight, I know we can help you as well. If you would like our expert help it’s well worth joining our BoostMyLife Online Program.

James Porter
BoostMyLife Founder

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