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The 4 life stages and how to get better weight loss results

During your life your weight will fluctuate depending on how you are living your life. This includes whether you have a healthy or unhealthy diet, whether you exercise or what exercise you do, and your mindset and mental approach.

When people have the wrong balance (or unhealthy balance) this is when their weight problems start. This can also lead to many physical and mental health problems during their life.

The great news is, that you can learn how to get better weight loss results by tipping the balance in your favour which leads to a healthier weight, healthier body and mind, and a happier life.

Take a look at these 4 life stages relating to your weight to understand where you are now, and the shift needed to get your weight under control and moving in the right direction…

1. Continuous decline

This is a stage that everyone who is overweight goes through. Nobody is given excess weight that is immediately added to their body, like 30 pounds – The weight gain has been created over time.

People will often gradually eat more foods or eat more unhealthy foods over a number of years and gain their excess weight. Or they become less active or stop exercising which again accumulates their weight over time.

Whether the problem is diet related, or exercise or activity related, or both, the trend is that the person is going backwards. The balance is in the wrong direction which means there is a continuous decline and their weight increases the older they become. Their health problems and the negative side effects of being overweight also increase.

You should do everything possible to avoid “Continuous decline”.

2. Static weight

This stage is where someone reaches a certain weight and remains stuck there.

This is an ideal position to be in, if you are a healthy weight because then you can maintain your weight easily. However, if you are stuck at an unhealthy weight that you’re unhappy with, this is a big problem.

A static weight happens when the energy balance in your body is equal. In other words, the number of calories that you burn is equal to the number of calories that you consume.

If someone goes through the “Continuous decline” stage and gains weight, but after then keeps their diet and exercise the same, eventually their weight will level off. This is the situation you are in when you gain weight and then your weight remains stable, but at a higher weight than what you would like. For example, staying stuck at 30 pounds overweight.

Having a static weight can be either good or bad, depending on whether you are at your ideal weight or overweight.

3. Weight cycling

This is the stage that most people who struggle with their weight go through. In fact, it’s often the stage where people spend most of their time, or WASTE most of their time.

Weight cycling is when someone makes changes to their diet or exercise or activity level, and sees some weight loss results. However, then they reverse these changes and their weight goes back up again.

This is often due to people trying short term diets or unhealthy diets which they don’t enjoy and aren’t sustainable. Or they try an exercise which they don’t enjoy and can’t keep up. Or they don’t have enough knowledge about diet or exercise, so they keep trying different things and their weight keeps fluctuating.

A problem with this stage is that your weight not only cycles, but it will often keep cycling at a higher weight the older you get. It’s also bad for your physical health because your body is constantly going through the wringer.

In addition to this, it’s bad for your mental state because you have a constant, never-ending battle with your weight which can last for years, decades, or all your life. This can affect your confidence, self-image, and wastes your time and energy.

Weight cycling should be avoided at all costs!

4. Continuous improvement

This is the stage where you start tipping the energy balance in your favour and it’s how to get better weight loss results!

You could develop your diet in a healthy way and in a way that you also enjoy, so you consume fewer calories and find it easy to keep a consistent diet.

You could increase your daily activity level, or get into exercise or get more out of your exercise. You also do this in a way that you enjoy and can keep up, so you are burning more calories.

Over time, your diet, activity, and exercise improve which results in your weight regularly decreasing. The ideal is to reach a healthy weight and then move to the “Static weight” stage where your energy balance is equal and you can easily keep the weight off.

Unfortunately, without the right weight loss help, it’s been shown that 98% of people do NOT achieve this and remain stuck in the other stages – Either a continuous decline, at a static weight they’re not happy with, or weight cycling.

For you to be successful in the “Continuous improvement” stage you need to know WHAT to improve with your diet, exercise, and even more importantly your mindset and mental approach. Plus, you need to know HOW to do it, which means how to improve and keep your improvements in place while being able to enjoy them.

This is how to get better weight loss results and conquer your weight problems, where you avoid being one of the majority of people who will struggle with their weight all their life.

For more help to lose weight and move into the “Continuous improvement” stage, which is so vital to your success and being happy with your weight, get started with the BoostMyLife Online Program.

James Porter
BoostMyLife Founder

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