Fit looking woman holding a medicine ball showing concept of getting motivated to complete the exercise you should this week

5 Ways to get motivated to complete the exercise you should this week

How often do you complete the exercise you should? – Do you complete your exercise every week? Some weeks? Or never?

It’s normal for people to struggle to complete their exercise consistently every week. Yet, exercise is extremely important in helping you get the best physical and mental health, reach a healthy weight, and feel great about yourself.

So yes, of course you would like to complete your exercise every week and feel the positive, life enhancing benefits. Let’s do it then!

Here are 5 ways you can get motivated to complete the exercise you should this week…

1. Get rid of your excuses

Excuses are an easy way to get out of doing your exercise because you either don’t really want to do it, or you find it uncomfortable.

Here are some common excuses which you may recognise…

  • It’s too cold. It’s too warm. It’s raining
  • I’m tired
  • I’m too busy
  • I’ve got too much work to do
  • I’m stressed
  • I haven’t got time

How do you know whether you have an excuse? Because while you are avoiding your exercise or have excuses not to do it, other people in the exact same situation are out there doing it!

While you are not exercising and losing fitness, losing health, struggling with your weight, and not liking how your body looks… Other people are getting fitter, feeling healthier, losing weight, loving their body, and feeling fantastic.

It’s time to overcome your excuses.

2. Accept that you DO have time

One of the most frequent excuses that I hear when someone doesn’t exercise is that they don’t have time.

The reality is, you have got as much time as anyone else on the planet. You have 24 hours every single day don’t you? What matters is how you prioritise your time!

The great thing about exercise is that it doesn’t need to take up much time anyway. Even if you squeeze in 15 minute exercise sessions, it can make a positive difference to how you feel and your life.

Three exercise sessions each week, of 30 minutes, is a good target to aim for if you are currently struggling to complete any at all.

Will you put in the small amount of time needed to look after your body and mind, so that you can feel at your best and enjoy your life with the people you love?

3. Commit to your exercise

Exercise needs to be planned into your weekly routine and you must make a commitment if it’s going to happen.

Which way of thinking do you think gives you the highest chance of completing your exercise?

  1. “I might do my exercise today. I’ll see how I feel later”

  1. “I’m going for a 30 minute walk today at 6pm. I’m a bit tired but I know I’ll feel better for it”

If you take the first approach, the chances are you will keep putting off your exercise through the day. Or when you get to the time you should be exercising, you’ll think that you don’t really feel like it. Either way your exercise doesn’t get done.

With the second approach, you have scheduled in your exercise like an important appointment, because that’s what it is. It’s your time to look after yourself, and keep you feeling physically and mentally well. Your exercise is now much more likely to happen.

Think in terms of what you will do – You “Will” do your exercise on a specific day and time, rather than you “Might” do it when you feel like it. This is the difference between easily fitting in your exercise, or easily missing your exercise.

4. Make exercise easier for yourself

Exercise is already hard enough for many people to fit into their life and do every week, so let’s find ways to make it as easy as possible to complete your exercise.

Could you do any, or several, of the following?

  • Get your exercise clothes ready the night before – Then the day after when it’s time to exercise you have one less thing to think about. You also get a psychological advantage because you’ve already made a start to completing your exercise, and you don’t want to feel bad by not doing it and putting your clothes away

  • Take your exercise clothes to work – You may be able to get changed at work (or go somewhere to get changed like a gym) and do your exercise straight away. You then don’t give yourself the opportunity to come home, get comfortable, and feel like not doing your exercise

  • Have a snack close to your exercise – For example, if you are exercising after work you could have a mid-afternoon snack 1-2 hours before. You will then have enough energy for your exercise and won’t back out from feeling too tired, which can happen when people come home from work and feel tired and hungry

  • Block out the times you are exercising – Schedule your exercise into your day so that nothing gets in the way. You then have no reason to do anything else during those times because the time is already allocated to your exercise

Simple changes to your routines and habits, can make a big difference to how much exercise you complete. This ultimately affects your health and how good or bad you feel every day.

5. Question how much you want it

Even presidents and prime ministers, world leaders, business people, and the busiest people you can imagine in the world do exercise… When they really want to.

So what about you?

If you really had to complete your exercise each week because your life depended on it, or the life of someone you love depended on it, would you do it? Of course you would!

What this shows is that if you really wanted to, you could complete your exercise every week. It’s possible for you to do it!

So how much do you want to exercise? How much you want a healthier and happier life for you? How much do you want to positively impact the people you love?

If you DO want it enough, you will exercise consistently every week. You will then become fitter, feel healthier, love your body more, and be more in control of your weight… And plenty more.

If you DON’T want it enough, you will miss your exercise and suffer the negatives of poorer health, worse fitness, being overweight, not liking your body… And plenty more.

You have the ability

The reality is, YOU have the ability to do fantastic with your exercise. You have as much ability as most people.

You can get fitter, healthier, lose weight, get a better looking body, have more energy, help the people you love, and much more.

So if it’s not your ability that holding you back from completing your exercise every week, what is it?… It’s your MINDSET!

Everything you’ve read about here relates to your “Mindset” and your ways of thinking. Get those right and suddenly it becomes much easier to complete your exercise, enjoy it, and experience life enhancing benefits.

To learn how to become more motivated to exercise, eat healthily, and lose weight, you will find the BoostMyLife Online Program a massive help. You can achieve more than you think and I would love to help you get there 😊

James Porter
BoostMyLife Founder

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