Woman laid in bed looking lazy showing concept of does being overweight mean you are lazy?

Does being overweight mean you are lazy?

Whether rightly or wrongly, people are judged based on how they look. One of the ways that people who are overweight are judged is because they are often seen as being lazy. But does being overweight mean you are lazy?

Why the perception of overweight people being lazy?

When someone is overweight, they often struggle in certain areas of their life which affects other people’s perception of them. For example:

  • They have less energy than what they could have – So an overweight person moves about slower, whether with walking or doing other daily activities. Other people can interpret this as they aren’t trying or can’t be bothered to make an effort

  • They can look unhealthy – Having a poor body shape due to having high body fat, means that people can see someone overweight and think they don’t care about themselves and can’t be bothered to look after themselves properly

  • They can look less happy – When someone is overweight and looks unhappy, down, or like they are struggling, then they clearly don’t look enthusiastic, motivated, or energetic. So again, they can be seen as lazy

But are people who are overweight actually lazy? Well, let’s think about YOU…

Do you think you are lazy?

It’s not just people in general that can see others who are overweight as lazy. Many people who are overweight, see themselves as lazy!

This can be because they would like to exercise, or do more exercise, but they don’t do it. Or they may want to eat healthily or stop eating too many unhealthy foods, but again they don’t do it. So, they assume that they have lack of willpower and are lazy, and believe these are the reasons they are overweight.

While this could be true, other reasons you are overweight could be that…

  • You don’t know what to do with exercise to get great results
  • You don’t know how to eat healthily
  • You haven’t learned how to enjoy exercise
  • You haven’t learned how to enjoy eating healthily
  • You haven’t learned how to control your urges, like for unhealthy foods
  • You haven’t learned how to protect yourself from comfort eating
  • You don’t know how to make exercise part of your life
  • You have habits that are difficult to break and which are keeping you overweight

Overall, you don’t have the knowledge and skills needed to be at a healthy weight and be fit healthy. These knowledge and skills relate to exercise, diet, and your mindset and mental approach.

This all means that you struggle with your weight. However, just because you don’t have the knowledge and skills needed, it does NOT mean you are lazy.

Why else being overweight does NOT mean you are lazy

Being overweight is only one aspect of your life. It’s a pretty big part of your life because of all the negative physical and mental effects it can have on you, and how other people see you, but it’s still only one aspect.

Let’s look at three examples of people who are overweight and find out if they are lazy:

  1. Someone who is successful with their work – This could be in their job, career, or with their business. Someone could even be successful by simply holding down a job and turning up each week and putting in the time and effort

    From personal experience, someone that I once met was very successful with their business. He was severely overweight, in his 30’s, and was told by his doctor to lose weight or risk death within the next few years. At the same time, this person was extremely motivated and worked 100 hours each week. Was he lazy? Definitely not

  1. Someone who is successful looking after their children – This could be the day-to-day care of their children, or spending many years looking after them and bringing them up

    From personal experience, I have met many women who are overweight, yet are extremely dedicated and motivated to looking after their children. They put in years of time and effort to bring them up in the best way possible. Are they lazy? Definitely not

  1. A child who plays computer games – A child may do no exercise and eat unhealthy foods and really struggle with their weight. Yet, they may spend hours every day, committed and motivated to being the best that they possibly can on their computer game. Are they lazy? Definitely not

So what about you? Do you think that you are lazy? It’s possible because anyone can be lazy, but it’s highly unlikely that you are lazy.

You are not lazy just because you are overweight

This whole question is not really about people being lazy or not lazy, it’s about where people are motivated. People are motivated in different areas of their life, and they have different priorities in areas of their life.

You are NOT lazy. You have got the capability to lose weight and reach a healthy weight – You just haven’t done it yet.

You have been focused on other areas of your life and so you haven’t put in the necessary time and effort on your exercise, healthy diet, and your mindset, which is what you need to reach a healthy weight. OR you haven’t learned how to do it properly yet!

The way forwards if you want to lose weight

Being overweight does not mean that you are lazy. In fact, most people who are overweight are not lazy.

If you dedicated yourself to losing weight and doing it properly by putting in the time and effort, it could make a huge difference to your life.

Plus, if you learn the right knowledge and skills relating to exercise, diet, and your mindset and mental approach, then most likely you would have no trouble at all with your weight. You would also be much healthier and fitter, and feel much better mentally.

For more help to learn the knowledge and skills you need to lose weight and make such a positive difference to your body, health and fitness, including how others perceive you, get started with the BoostMyLife Online Program.

James Porter
BoostMyLife Founder

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