Unhealthy foods that lead to the effects of an unhealthy diet

Avoid suffering the effects of an unhealthy diet

It’s important to understand the physical and mental effects of an unhealthy diet, and other consequences you will suffer by having a poor diet. This helps to increase your motivation to eat healthily which can ultimately lead you to a healthier and happier life.

In today’s world you have an abundance of food if you are lucky enough to live in a well-developed country. This means you have more than enough choice of foods which can range from being extremely unhealthy to extremely healthy, and anywhere in-between.

The plus side is that you can choose any foods that you love to eat, BUT the downside is that eating too much of what you love can get you into serious trouble.

This has resulted in a massive problem by affecting people’s weight, and in some of the most developed countries in the world, over two-thirds of people are overweight. Yet being overweight and all the negatives you get from that, is only a part of the effects of an unhealthy diet and how you can suffer.

Physical effects of an unhealthy diet

Some of the worst effects of an unhealthy diet are unseen and you might never even know about them until you suddenly find you have a big problem. Often at this stage it can be too late, and the person with the problem wishes they had eaten healthier and looked after themselves sooner.

Eating unhealthily can:

  • Clog or harden your arteries – Leading to reduced blood flow and blockages
  • Spike your blood sugar levels – Affecting your ability to function properly, like increased thirst, headaches, blurred vision, and tiredness
  • Deteriorate your hair, skin, and nails
  • Affect your energy levels every day

As well as feeling the day-to-day effects of an unhealthy diet, you also have a significantly increased risk of illnesses and diseases. It’s proven that by eating unhealthily, people have higher risk of suffering from heart attacks and heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, and various cancers.

Are the nice tasting or convenient, but unhealthy foods worth this?

Mental effects of an unhealthy diet

The effects of an unhealthy diet aren’t just physical, you also suffer mentally just as badly. Your brain struggles because it doesn’t get the vitamins and minerals it needs to live healthily.

Every day you feel less sharp and less focused, less alive, and worse than what you could. You can also suffer with more headaches, more stress, lower moods, and even depression. Every day you will feel the negative effects!

This affects you, and also how you interact with others which makes your relationships harder and less fulfilling.

Are the nice tasting or convenient, but unhealthy foods worth this?

Other consequences you can suffer with an unhealthy diet

In addition to the physical and mental struggles that an unhealthy diet gives you, there are also other effects of an unhealthy diet that will negatively affect your life.

Following an unhealthy diet means that you are highly likely to:

  • Pay more in terms of health care costs
  • Lose time in your life due to more visits to the doctors and hospitals
  • Lose time due to feeling unwell more often than you should
  • Have less quality time with your family and friends because you are a lower version of yourself than what you could be
  • Get less done and achieve less in your life due to being slower, both physically and mentally

Again, are the nice tasting or convenient, but unhealthy foods worth this?

Taking responsibility for your health

Remember that any short term enjoyment that you get from nice tasting but unhealthy foods will add up to severe losses in your life, every single day and over the long term – Physically, mentally, AND with other consequences, these effects of an unhealthy diet will negatively affect you.

Yes, it’s perfectly good to enjoy some treats that are unhealthy as part of a healthy and well-balanced diet. However, let’s not make those unhealthy foods the main part of your diet.

If you live in a well-developed country then you are very lucky to have the choice and abundance of foods available. With that choice you can eat healthily, look after yourself, and live a healthier, higher quality, and happier life.

Or you can choose to eat unhealthily, destroy your body and mind, and suffer the consequences and effects of an unhealthy diet. This means a life suffering from self-inflicted illnesses, diseases, losses, and living well below your best.

Give yourself the best chance of a healthy, long, and happy life by eating healthily. Do this for yourself AND for everyone in your life that you love.

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James Porter
BoostMyLife Founder

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