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7 Ways losing weight improves your mental health

There are many benefits of losing weight for your physical health, YET there are also many important ways that losing weight improves your mental health.

Here are 7 ways that losing weight improves your mental health and how you can lose weight to feel better every single day of your life:

1. You feel more confident

Let’s say that you lose weight, you reduce the amount of fat on your body, your clothes fit better, and you like what you see when you look in the mirror. How much better would you feel every day?

Well, by losing weight this is possible, and even probable if you do it right!

By having this better looking body and feeling comfortable with your body and in your skin, it’s easy to see how this would give your confidence a real boost.

You could love your body, maybe even feel proud of the way you look, and your self-image and body-image can significantly improve. This can make a positive difference to your mental health and how you see yourself.

Extra Tip: To get the best looking body you should use a combination of exercise and healthy diet. You can lose weight using either exercise or diet, but for the best looking body use both.

2. You have more mental energy

For sure you will have more physical energy by losing weight AND, just as good, you will have more mental energy.

When you are overweight, your weight affects your body and drains you physically, which can affect your mental health as well.

For example, if you are feeling tired or exhausted, then it won’t make you feel good through the day. In fact, you are likely going to feel like garbage most days. This can easily get you down where it affects your moods, and even to the point where you suffer from depression.

However, losing weight improves your mental health because you feel much better from day-to-day. This also does a lot to protect you by giving you an extra barrier from the unwanted mental struggles.

3. You have better relationships

When you lose weight and have more mental energy and more confidence, it not only has an impact on you BUT also on those that you love, like your family, partner, and friends.

You are not an island, independent of other people!

How you think and how you feel about your weight, positively or negatively affects you mentally, depending on whether you are happy with your weight or not. This has the indirect effect of impacting everyone else in your life, positively or negatively.

From today onwards, you can move towards losing weight and therefore improve your life and your relationships with everyone else in your life. You will feel better around them and also have better quality time together, which is great for everyone and this improves your mental health even further.

4. You have fewer illnesses

People who are overweight are proven to have a higher risk of suffering from health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, cancers, stroke, or having heart disease and heart attacks.

Most people who struggle with their weight, also have an unhealthy diet, or at least a diet that could be improved in several ways. This means that your body isn’t getting the vitamins and minerals it needs.

The good news is that by losing weight, and improving your diet, you will have a stronger immune system so you are more likely to keep healthy. This is another way how losing weight improves your mental health.

If you are constantly suffering with illnesses, diseases, or aches and pains, this will only make it harder for you mentally. If you then lose weight and minimise these health problems, you’ve suddenly removed a huge mental drag from your life.

You are then free to get on with your life and feel happier mentally, without your body keeping you down!

5. You have better sleep

Many people who struggle with their weight, also struggle with their sleep. If you are feeling stressed because of your weight and your body, and this plays on your mind, then it’s highly likely affecting your sleep.

Being overweight also gives you a higher chance of snoring which can not only wake yourself up, but can also affect your partner. Some people even have sleep apnea which is when your breathing stops and starts due to excess fat around your upper airway.

By losing weight and solving your weight problems, you remove a big stress in your life, and you also feel better and more relaxed every day. You also have a body that has less fat and is more conducive to getting a good night’s sleep.

Remove your excess weight, and you will most likely sleep longer and your sleep will be higher quality. This helps you feel mentally much better and happier every day.

Extra Tip: To help you sleep better, regular exercise is also important because exercise helps you feel more relaxed, physically and mentally.

6. You feel stronger mentally

Imagine that you have now overcome all your weight problems. You have done what you needed to do with your exercise, with your diet, and with developing your mindset and yourself as a person.

You have put in the time and effort and you are experiencing all the rewards. It took some persistence and motivation, and maybe some tears, but you did it! You’ve reached a weight that you’re happy with and you have the body and health to prove it.

Can you see that for everything you go through to lose weight, you can’t help but develop yourself and your mental skills? One of these benefits is that you feel stronger mentally. You can overcome a big challenge by solving your weight problems, and you will feel much better for it.

Feeling stronger mentally is a way that losing weight improves your mental health and it also helps you in ALL other areas of your life.

7. You feel more positive about yourself and about life

You have now discovered how much losing weight improves your mental health. By losing weight you have tremendous benefits to look forward to which are these:

  • You feel more confident
  • You have more mental energy
  • You have better relationships
  • You have fewer illnesses
  • You have better sleep
  • You feel stronger mentally

Even just one of these benefits can make a big difference to your life, yet add them all together and it’s easy to see how losing weight can help you feel much more positive about yourself and your life.

Every step of the way, as you lose weight, your life can get better and better. You can improve your mental health and move closer to being your best and living your best life.

Lose weight to improve your mental health now!

You’ve now learned about 7 life changing ways that losing weight improves your mental health and the great things you have to look forward to.

Currently though, each day that goes by is another day where you are missing out and it’s negatively affecting your life. This is why, I encourage you to do everything you can right NOW to lose weight, while also doing it properly and safely.

Remember also that, losing weight just for the short term and then gaining the weight back, will only make it harder for you mentally over the long term and potentially affect your mental health. So whatever you try with losing weight, it’s always to best to look to the long term!

For more help to lose weight and most importantly keep it off, check out the BoostMyLife Online Program. You will also find out how to use the areas of exercise, diet, and mindset, in a way that helps you feel good mentally.

James Porter
BoostMyLife Founder

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