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5 Benefits of exercise for your body and mind

There are many benefits of exercise for your body and mind, and these can help you every single day of your life.

Including exercise as part of your life and getting the best out of your exercise means that you can experience all the benefits of exercise which can improve your life in so many ways. Exercise gives you a higher quality life!

Here are 5 of the very best benefits of exercise for your body and mind, and why they are important for you…

1. You keep more muscle and lose fat

By exercising consistently each week, your body will keep more muscle and lose fat. This is because exercise challenges your muscles and so they keep repairing, while at the same time the energy that you burn will come from fat.

Keeping muscle gives you some great benefits which are these:

  • Your body burns more calories every day – Muscle burns more calories than fat, which means that people who keep more muscle and lose fat find it easier to lose weight. Having a good amount of muscle also makes it much easier to keep the weight off because of the amount of calories it burns

    Some people have little muscle, and therefore need to stay on a low calorie diet to control their weight or keep it off. Other people have more muscle which burns plenty of calories and they can therefore consume more calories, enjoy their food more, and still be happy with their weight

  • You get the best looking body – Healthy and lean muscle is seen by many people to be attractive, in both women and men. By also losing body fat, this gives you a much better body shape and a more attractive looking body

2. You become fitter and stronger

Another of the excellent benefits of exercise is the effect it has on your body with your fitness and strength.

The more you challenge and use your muscles, the stronger they become. By having this fitter and stronger body, it means that you can do more in all areas of your life.

In other words, you have the capability to do more activity through the day and your body won’t tire out as easily. What a great boost it is when you can get more out of every day of your life and feel good while doing so, rather than feeling tired or exhausted later in the day and wasting the latter part of your day.

Many people lose hours in their day due to being physically tired. The alternative is to feel fantastic physically and get the very best out of every day. Ultimately, this means getting the very best out of your life!

In addition to this, it’s NOT only your muscles that become fitter and stronger. Other benefits of exercise are that it gives you stronger bones and a stronger heart.

Weight bearing exercises such as running, weight training, and circuit training are especially useful to strengthen your bones. Most exercises that challenge your breathing will help you develop a stronger heart.

Having a fitter and stronger body can help you greatly each day because your body performs much better. Plus, this can help you keep a higher quality life as you get older.

3. You feel better mentally

One of the most powerful benefits of exercise is how it makes you feel mentally, and it does this in several ways:

  • Exercise releases feel good hormones – These hormones are released by your brain which can give you positive feelings and even a sense of euphoria, either during or after exercise. It’s almost like you’ve taken a “happiness” pill that can last for hours, or even for the rest of the day

  • You gain satisfaction and feel positive about yourself – Being able to encourage yourself to do regular exercise in the first place is a huge positive that makes you feel good. Then being able to push and challenge yourself with exercise can give you tremendous satisfaction and sense of achievement. You didn’t need to exercise, but you did AND you got through it and feel great about it

  • You gain confidence and belief – Any time that you do something that’s good for you, it gives your confidence a boost and gives you more belief in yourself. Likewise, if you do things that are bad for you, this sends you in the negative direction and ruins your confidence and belief. Exercise is no different! Complete exercise each week and you are sure to grow in confidence and belief in yourself, knowing that you are really looking after yourself

  • You become happier with your body – Keeping your muscle and losing fat gets you the best looking body. So, as you keep exercising and your body keeps changing and improving, you like your body more. You may even love your body and feel proud of the way you look. Having a fitter, healthier, and better looking body definitely has a positive impact on people’s happiness

4. You are more relaxed

Being more relaxed each day is one of the most helpful benefits of exercise. Exercise helps you do this, because it relaxes your body and mind.

During a normal day most people sit down a lot or have restricted movement, or have various mental stresses. This all adds to the tension that often isn’t easy to recognise.

Using your body and challenging your muscles with exercise is a fantastic way to release this tension. Also, using exercise to give yourself a break and time away from the daily stresses is an extremely helpful way to clear your mind and feel mentally balanced again.

When feeling more relaxed in your body and mind, this has a positive effect on your work because you feel better, you are more productive, and you have more positive interactions with other people.

Also, in your relationships with your family and friends you are more relaxed, less tense, and much easier to be around. A tense person can put everyone else on guard. A relaxed person opens people up which leads to more positive communication and more fun 🙂

When you are more relaxed through exercise, you can significantly reduce your stress, and this helps you and everyone else in your life. You are even more likely to sleep better which again adds to your mental wellbeing and how you feel every day.

5. You have a better immune system

One of the most important benefits of exercise is that you can get a much healthier body.

Studies have shown that people who exercise have a better immune system than those who don’t. This means that by doing regular exercise you have less chance of illnesses and diseases.

People who DON’T exercise, often struggle to appreciate this benefit because they haven’t experienced it yet. So they suffer throughout the year, and every year of their life, picking up illnesses and feeling well below their best.

People who DO exercise, may rarely get unwell, and when they do they tend to recover very quickly. This means less time feeling down and unwell, less time wasted visiting the doctors or hospital, and less healthcare costs.

Or to put it another way, more time feeling great, and more time getting on with what you want in your life and what’s important to you!

Anyone can become unwell and have illnesses or diseases, but exercise put the odds well in your favour. So why not exercise and get the best out of your exercise, and save yourself many hassles and problems?

Will YOU experience these fantastic benefits of exercise?

Surely everyone would love to experience these fantastic benefits of exercise. Exercise can significantly improve your body and your health. Exercise can also help you feel more positive about yourself and about life.

The great thing is, that these benefits of exercise are all within your reach. You just need to get into exercise, do it every week, and improve as much as you can. Then over the coming weeks, months, and years, you can see your life change and improve in so many ways.

You can feel better every single day of your life and live a higher quality life!

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James Porter
BoostMyLife Founder

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